“Now”: Her Barbie in a new single about a relationship in Corona

Knitted News23.02.21 10:49 Ya Bader Tishpa

(Lyrics: Avi Ohayon | Composer: Avi Ohayon and Matan Dror | Musical production: Matan Dror)

Singer and creator Banya Barbie returns with a new single, which describes the relationship between a couple during the Corona period and how it was precisely thanks to her that they got to know each other better.

Her son Barbie tells of the song, which he releases after 3 months of traveling with his partner around the world: “How long has this song been waiting for the right moment for him. So here’s exactly ‘now’ the time has come. There is nothing to fear from what is to come, or to keep tinkering with what was.

We took ourselves on a post-Corona trip to Central America, thinking about the good, concentrating on free love and true joy. Equipped with a mochila and a camera and documenting moments of happiness, they create memories. Focus on the present – the fragrances that show the colors, when in the moment enjoy all the beauty that the world has to offer. Laugh until your stomach hurts and dance like we have no tomorrow. now. I know”.

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