NHS urges Kent and Medway residents vaccinated with COVID-19 to comply

The NHS in Kent and Medway have issued a claim to residents who received their COVID-19 vaccine.

Those who have already received injections are asked to continue at home and to adhere to social pace rules.

Anyone who has received the first or even second dose of the vaccine is advised to wear a face mask where appropriate and continue to wash their hands carefully and frequently.

Paula Wilkins, Principal Nurse at Kent and Medway Clinical Commissioning Group, said: “We are making very good progress with the rollout of the vaccine and the number of people coming forward to receive their Covid vaccine is very good confident.

“However, it will not immediately protect, it will not protect loved ones and it will not immediately cure the pandemic.

“Getting the vaccine is very important because we know it prevents serious illness, reduces deaths and reduces pressure on the NHS, but unfortunately we still don’t know if it’s prevent the virus from spreading.

“That means people who have been vaccinated could carry the virus without any symptoms and could pass it on to others.”

The new vaccination center in Thanet aims to vaccinate up to 3,000 people a day

In Kent and Medway, vaccines are delivered through 55 sites including four major vaccine centers in Gravesend, Folkestone, Tonbridge and Thanet, seven pharmacies, six hospital hubs and 39 doctor-led sites. family.

The NHS currently offers the Covid-19 vaccine to people aged 65 to 69 and to those aged 16 to 64 who have an underlying health condition and are therefore classified as clinically vulnerable. .

People in these numbers will be sent a letter inviting them to get vaccinated and asking them to wait to hear from the NHS.

People aged 70 and over and those on the vulnerable clinical list who have not been contacted are asked to book a vaccination online at www.nhs.uk/covidvaccination.

Carol was one of the first to receive her vaccine at the large vaccine center in Thanet

If they can’t get to the internet, they can call 119.

Patients can also contact their GP but are warned that phone lines are likely to be busy.

Inside the large vaccination center in Thanet

Paula Wilkins said: “This is the largest vaccination program in the history of the NHS and we strongly believe that this is the way out of the pandemic but we all need to be patient.

“Once more people have been vaccinated, we can look forward to lifting restrictions and hoping to meet friends and family but at the moment, we are urge people to continue following government guidelines. “

For more information on the Covid-19 vaccine distribution in Kent and Medway, click here.