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Russian President Vladimir Putin has personally endorsed Russia’s vigorous activity against Joe Biden’s candidacy for the presidency in the November 2020 election, including in an attempt to help close associates of President Donald Trump. This is stated in a US intelligence report published last night (Tuesday, March 16, 21). The report is an official confirmation and summary of the real-time intelligence assessments of Putin’s desire to help Trump, as in the 2016 election. . The report was prepared by professionals at the Ministries of Justice and Homeland Security. He states that other countries, including Iran, have tried to intervene in the elections; China, on the other hand, has decided to refrain from doing so for fear of failing to do so. U.S. intelligence goes on to say that there was no foreign interference in the election itself and its aftermath, thus refuting the Trump administration’s claim of such interference on Venezuela’s side against the president and China’s in favor of Democratic candidates in the congressional election. According to the report, attempts by Russian hackers to infiltrate the computer systems of countries and local authorities were unrelated to Russia’s efforts to intervene in the elections. According to the report, Moscow activated Andrei Drach, a pro-Russian Ukrainian MP, to harm Biden. Drach has made leaky phone calls four times in an attempt to link Biden to corruption in his country, and Putin knew about his moves. The report further notes that Drach met with Giuliani, and that intelligence had warned Trump as early as 2019 that Russian intelligence was using his lawyer as a conduit for transmitting false information. Giuliani, for his part, passed on to Ukrainian investigators Ukrainian information about Trump in an attempt to persuade them to open an investigation against Biden’s family and especially his son, Hunter Biden, who had business ties to Ukraine. The report states that it was part of the Russian operation against Biden. The report also mentions Konstantin Kilimnik, who at the time worked with Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manport, who was convicted of tax offenses for his activities in Ukraine. Kilimanik acted against Biden last year, helping to advance the false argument that Ukraine (rather than Russia) is interfering in American politics. An earlier report stated that in 2016, Manport passed on inside information to Kilimanik from the Trump camp, and Hela passed it on to Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs he served. According to US intelligence, foreign attempts to intervene in the US election will continue in the coming years. The national, Avril Haynes, clarified that foreign countries continue to try to deepen disagreements in the US and undermine public confidence in democratic institutions. Although the report was allowed to be published by the Biden administration and Haynes was appointed to the post by the new president, it is based on work done in real time – that is, during the Trump administration. It reflects the harsh disagreements between the professional echelons, who were unanimous about Putin’s intervention in favor of Trump, and the political echelon at the time – which, in the spirit of Trump, ignored or downplayed these attempts. As you may recall, Trump refused for years to recognize Russian intervention in his favor in 2016, even though all intelligence services unanimously determined it to be so and despite the unequivocal findings of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller. Some of the details in the report were published even before the election, as part of the intelligence effort to alert the public and decision-makers about the Russian intervention and make it clear to Moscow that its actions have been exposed. The report is a summary of the findings and a firm professional determination regarding Russia’s activities, as well as the imposition of personal responsibility on Putin. He also states that Iran has tried to intervene in Biden’s favor in the last days of the campaign, including through the distribution of fake letters from the far-right Proud Boys organization including threats to Democratic voters, including demands to transfer their support to Trump. According to the report, Iran hoped the letters would achieve the opposite result and cause their recipients to fortify their support for Biden. Biden has said several times on the eve of the election that his government will severely punish any country that tries to intervene in the democratic process. Unlike all the presidents in recent decades, Biden is not trying to resume relations with Moscow at the beginning of his term, and his only conversation so far with Putin has mainly dealt with matters in which the US is significantly divided over Russia. At the same time, the two have agreed to extend Nuclear weapons still in force between the two countries.Unusually, the report includes a minority opinion of the cyber commissioner that the report underestimates the value of Chinese intervention.John Ratcliffe, who was the last director of national intelligence in the Trump administration, said at meetings with lawmakers that the Chinese threat The Russian is bigger. If China did try to intervene, it would undoubtedly be in Biden’s favor – given the strained relations between the two countries under Trump.