Netanyahu makes big promises in a political rally ahead of elections

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited Ra’anana on Friday for one of his final rallies ahead of Tuesday’s upcoming elections.

The tension at the gate blocking the entrance was tight and protesters against Netanyahu threatened violence. An even lighter man, as if it were a knife, drew at the rally participants.

In his opening remarks, Netanyahu began by encouraging his supporters to stay strong despite the violence and tension. He told them that Likud must take home as many votes as possible to win all 61 seats and succeed in forming the next coalition.

“We are leaving the third war, as a matter of judgment, in the first place,” Netanyahu stressed in his speech, referring to Israel’s main strategy in the coronary virus infection. a pandemic of “Aiming at the whole world and falling into healthy economies,” [but] we have won the third war and come out first based on our vaccinations, ”he said.

The country has so far vaccinated 90% of the population at risk, prompting Netanyahu to say there will be no further lockouts. Israel has become a “vaccine Champions,” in the words of Netanyahu.

“Netanyahu brought his life to the country. He received the vaccines and decided to be at the very beginning of treatment. He should be praised for his look, ”said Ra’anana resident and rally attendant David Dweck Post Jerusalem.

“In Europe you can’t do restaurant accommodation because everything is closed, but in Israel you can’t because the restaurants are booked,” Netanyahu said.

If he wins the elections, the Prime Minister plans to make a deal with Pfizer and introduce more vaccines in case two doses are not enough for immunity in the future. He wants to avoid another wave of the pandemic and keep the people of Israel safe from danger.

In addition, Netanyahu is considering purchasing vaccines, so that Israel can become a major exporter to other countries, ensuring that it maintains its advantage over the rest of the world.

“I want to turn Israel into the strongest vaccine force in the world,” he said.

A U.S. investigation put Israel ahead of successful vaccinations and showed that the country is far better economically than most democracies, according to the prime minister.

Netanyahu promised to keep it that way, so that Israel would not only be at the forefront of vaccinations, but also in rebuilding its economy. If he wins the upcoming elections, he said he would revive the economy with the same anger he did in bringing the vaccine to Israel.

His plan includes coronavirus donations of NIS 7,500 for adults and NIS 500 for children as well as additional support and insurance for small businesses. This will be at the top of his priorities if he wins the next election.

Supporters at the event thanked Netanyahu’s coronavirus-based approach and the sacrifices he made to bring the country out of the pandemic.