Natasha Jonas: Katie Taylor may be my favorite but that gives me hope

Natasha Jonas may be seen as the underdog ahead of her fight with Katie Taylor but she is confident she could cause upset.

Jonas and Taylor will meet on May 1 as part of the sub-card for Derek Chisora ​​vs Joseph Parker. It represents a replay for the pair after they fought at the 2012 Olympics, with Taylor winning.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Jonas, 36, explained that she had recovered from that affair, saying: “I believe that. I’m strong, I punch better, my choice of pictures is better, I am healthier, I believe in those things.

“My writing of it is completely wrong.

“Sometimes I’m guilty of going down to opponent level or not picking up my game. But in situations where I’m an undergraduate? I always do well. .

“I never intended to be eligible for the Olympics but I did.

“Many times it’s been my career when I’ve been at my best and things haven’t worked out for me. But when I’m a minor I can get through the challenge.

“I’m not the only person, she’s not the only one. It’s about who we are right at this point.

“I’m not fighting her ego, I’m fighting the woman in front of me, and she’s doing the same.”

Jonas has seen a resurgence of career after drawing a split decision against Terri Harper, WBC’s featherweight belt keeper last year.

Harper was their favorite for that fight but Jonas thinks she can take another surprise off him.

Jonas said: “I’ve heard all this before and it wasn’t long ago, and I proved these people wrong.

“One of the biggest things for me was to be right-minded. For Terri Harper’s camp, people said I couldn’t do it, I was too old, unfit, struggling with the weight, it was the newcomer, the more he encouraged me.

“Mentally I was completely flying and I can get myself back there.

“I have declared myself world class, I am away from Viviane Obenauf [defeat] and I am here to stay. “

Speaking to Taylor, Jonas said she believes she is the biggest number in women’s boxing.

“It’s an honor to say otherwise. But from amateur all the way, she’s been a special player. She’s the one most people watch. She set the bar and she people have to pick up their game, ”Jonas explained.

“I respect her but, inside the ring, she has to earn it.

“She is the one people have been caught with. When she turned pro she introduced a whole new audience.

“I always wanted to be a world supporter and all the belts would be the best thing yet.

“Terri has no respect but Katie is a kind of animal, a different kind of competitor that I put myself in front of.

“I have to beat Terri and much better.”