N12 – When boarding the plane

Unpleasant incident for US President • While climbing the stairs of the Air Force 1 plane, he stumbled twice and fell • Biden quickly recovered and boarded the plane, which took off immediately afterwards • From the White House it was reported: “The President is fine” • View documentation


Unpleasant incident: US President Joe Biden tripped and fell today (Friday) while boarding the presidential plane, Air Force 1. Biden arrived at Andrews Air Force Base to take off for a visit to Atlanta, but when he quickly climbed the stairs he stumbled twice and fell. The White House was quick to respond. The incident and reported that the 78-year-old president is “just fine.”

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After the fall Biden soon recovered, cleaned his trousers and climbed the stairs, from where he saluted those present and boarded a plane that took off shortly afterwards. According to spokeswoman Karin Jean-Pierre, the strong winds at the base may have caused the president to fall, but she reassured: “The president’s condition is 100%.” Last November Biden broke his leg while playing with his dog, but this time he does not appear to have been injured in the fall.

Biden and his deputy Camela Harris were on their way to Atlanta, where they will meet with representatives of the Asian community following the massacre that took place there last Tuesday, in which 6 Asian women and 2 men were murdered.