Monday: Thanksgiving prayer at the Western Wall about the rains and vaccines

Western Wall plaza

Photo: Hoodia Kalman / TPS

A special confession event is expected to take place this week on Monday at the Western Wall, the prayer at the Western Wall is intended to thank God for the heavy rains that fell on Israel during the last rainy season.

This year, the celebration of vaccines was also added to the joy.

The prayer was initiated by Itzik Golan from Givat Shmuel, together with a number of friends, who had already organized a prayer of thanksgiving for the rains two years ago, after several years of insufficient rainfall and Israeli agriculture being hit by drought, the balance changed and large amounts of rain fell on Israeli soil.

Itzik Golan, who initiated the prayer, says: “Two years ago we held a prayer event thanking God for a blessed rainy year in which the Sea of ​​Galilee rose by almost 4 meters.

Golan recounts the prayer that took place two years ago, “Thank God we were privileged that after the great confession prayer that took place two years ago, the following year and also in the winter of this year there was a lot of rain, a sequence of three years and plenty of rain. We must not think all this is obvious. From heaven it happens to us and we must thank God for all this good. “

“This year was added to the confession about the rains also the confession about the miracle of the vaccines that happened to us. It is a heavenly miracle that happened to the people of Israel just like the miracles that happened to our ancestors.

“God simply saved the people of Israel from the plague and while all of Europe, the United States and the Western world are waiting in line for vaccines, the people of Israel have already been vaccinated against the plague and have saved the lives of tens of thousands of people in the Holy Land.”

“This year Goddess joined dozens of courtyards around the country, who knows but Goddess this prayer may be the prayer to end this mission.” The idea is to stop and say thank you to God for the great miracle that is happening here and understand that all this is not obvious. “

The event will take place in the Western Wall plaza (in the plaza next to the women’s aid) this coming Monday, Nissan – 22.3 at 17:00