Miz vs Bobby Lashley match for WWE set for Raw on 1 March | Bleacher Report

Cliu: WWE.com

Bobby Lashley will challenge the Miz for the WWE Championship on the March 1 edition of Raw.

Lashley defeated Braun Strowman with a spear in the main event to win a title picture in a singles match. The All Mighty released the Miz after his victory, too.

The Miz walked out of the Elimination Room with the WWE Tournament, thanks in large part to Lashley.

Drew MacIntyre managed to defend the belt in the Elimination Room game, just to get an attack after the game from Lashley. That left MacIntyre vulnerable to the owner of the newspaper money.

On Raw, MVP and Lashley revealed that they had made a deal with The Miz. As a reward for his role in Sunday’s title change, Lashley would get his first chance to wrestle with the WWE’s Greatest Champion in History.

He was anxious without it.

MacIntyre found no revenge of any kind against Lashley or The Miz. Now the stage is set for the Scottish Hero to at least play the role of a spoiler and possibly stop the first one in his quest for global competition.