Mitch McConnell ‘s impeachment speech was just a guest video Republican

T.the pair who lost a Republican in a Georgia Senate reversal have linked Mitch McConnell to Donald Trump while Kentuckian remains in office. The former president has a Republican party. Senate minority leader? He is a rent collector in a banker’s shirt.

To McConnell’s insult, so evident in his excoriation of Trump on the Senate floor on Saturday, minutes after he voted for liberation, he must work under Trump’s umbrella. Nationally, Kentucky’s great-grandfather is even more unhappy than Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia’s conspiracy theorist.

Even among Republicans, McConnell is relatively neutral, and unlike Liz Cheney of Wyoming he is unwilling to risk their anger. McConnell suffers his own.

The truth is, GOP senators who ousted Trump on impeachment are offering warning stories for those who want to get over it. Before Saturday night, at least three had received home state smackdowns.

The Louisiana GOP fined Bill Cassidy while the chairs of the North Carolina and Pennsylvania parties opposed the re-coalition rulers. Richard Burr “surprised” Republican Tar Heel while Pat Toomey “disappointed” those in Keystone state. Both had already stated that they would not seek re-election.

But not everyone leaving the Senate followed suit. Rob Portman of Ohio and Richard Shelby of Alabama fell by the line. Once again.

What was once a proud party in Lincoln and Reagan is now the Trump family rag – something to be used and misused by the 45th president as his broken companies, the named university and the west non-stop president, Mike Pence.

If the impeachment lawsuit established anything, it was that Trump stopped turning Pence into a corpse and eventually went unprepared. That hangman’s nose was built for use.

Mitch McConnell takes on donald's trumpet but votes not guilty in impeachment trial - video
Mitch McConnell takes on donald’s trumpet but votes not guilty in impeachment trial – video

But even the former vice president has remained a mother and his brother, Greg Pence, an Indiana communicator, voted against impeachment. Talk about bringing one for the team.

Ultimately, an adventure for a former reality show literally literally hosts his life. The mob belongs to Trump – as the Capitol police can prove. So much for accepting the GOP of “law and order”. When it mattered, it mattered less.

Like Moloch, Trump has elevated human sacrifice and personal theology into the final test. His respect for Covid ‘s plunder was not a sign of the aftermath, the horrific and at times brutal rallies but warming acts.

When Trump thought about shooting some on Fifth Avenue and getting away with it, he was not joking. He was just telling the truth.

His release ensures that he and his family will be a force to be reckoned with over the next four years. Contrary to a major potential challenge from Ivanka Trump, Florida grandfather Marco Rubio months ago proposed a Trump caravan that included a Biden bus in Texas. He was ahead of the curve.

Since then, Nikki Haley, Trump’s first United Nations ambassador and governor of South Carolina, has turned herself into a pretzel to curate a message that will keep her vice-president disarmed while she forces donors to empty their wallets. Good luck with that.

Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley are competing themselves over who makes a better doormat. Among the major wannabes of 2024, only Ben Sasse has become a backbone. His chances of winning the bronze ring are close to zero.

Church clerk, Sasse got it wrong when he announced “politics is not about one dude’s weird worship“.The Senate vote says otherwise.

However, there was value in McConnell ‘s rejection after the Trump trial. As well as declaring Trump “morally and morally accountable” for the events of Jan. 6, he provided preparation invitation and roadmap for law enforcement and the division of justice.

“President Trump is still accountable for everything he did while in office,” McConnell said. “He hasn’t gotten away with anything yet. “

Already, prosecutors have stepped in on Trump’s strong efforts to overthrow the Georgia elections. Manhattan district lawyer Cyrus Vance is locked in a death row before the high court over Trump’s tax results.

Talk about synchronicity. Just hours before Saturday’s vote, reports surfaced about Vance after his investigation into Trump and four of his properties extended over loans extended by subsidiaries of Ladder Capital, a financial activity that also lent to Jared Kushner.

Politically, Trump is likely to hit the road for a revenge trip aimed at those who opposed him. McConnell may have emerged as another punching bag. And if Trump does, don’t expect anyone to have McConnell’s back. It is now Trump’s party. Everyone else is worn out.