Miracle: A boy from Gush Etzion was sucked into an underground pipe and survived

Knitted News16.12.20 17:31 A. Tevet Tishpa

Strong flows (Photo: Ami Dorfman / Nature and Parks Authority)

A miracle in the south.

Yagel Eitam – an 8-year-old boy living in one of the settlements of Gush Etzion – arrived today (Wednesday) with his family at Nahal Oved, which is located near the southern city of Ashkelon. At one point, after standing on the creek bank, he slipped into the water and was sucked into an underground pipe that runs under the road, all under his father’s eye.

Flow in Nahal Harod (Photo: Ami Dorfman / Nature and Parks Authority)

According to the report on the Ynet website, the boy disappeared within a few seconds, but miraculously came out of the other side of the pipe and got stuck in the bushes. His father who jumped to rescue him went into the pipe but did not find him. After a few seconds the father came out of the other side of the pipe and there discovered his son healthy and intact.

His mother, Shulamit Eitam, told Ynet that “Yagel just slipped and fell into the creek and just disappeared. My husband jumped into the water but it was too late because it turns out that Yagel came out on the other side and actually crossed the road in an underground pipe.”

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“I feel he received his life as a gift. This event could have ended quite differently. We thank God for the miracle he performed for us. We are not digesting it yet, but the main thing is that Shigel is healthy and whole,” she added.

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