Ministry of Transportation Promotes: Implementation of a digital tachograph in all trucks and buses

The Minister of Transport promotes the implementation of a digital tachograph in all new trucks and buses that will save the lives of many on the roads. • Minister Regev: ” “The heavy tachograph will help reduce the involvement of heavy vehicles in road accidents, improve the employment conditions of drivers, and increase the safety of all road users.”

An important step in increasing the safety of trucks, buses and all road users. The Ministry of Transportation has formulated a comprehensive plan for the implementation of a digital tachograph, which continuously records the vehicle’s activity on all new trucks and buses imported into Israel. The Knesset’s Economics Committee recently approved new regulations, which were submitted by the Minister of Transportation and Road Safety, Miri Regev.

The digital tachograph records and transmits in real time the vehicle’s travel and stop data, to the vehicle owner’s inspection center or to a database. The information is stored securely that does not allow for changes, and can be used for control, monitoring and enforcement. The digital tachograph will replace the outdated analog devices, which required the provision and storage of disks on which the data was recorded. The digital tachograph allows storage and “locking” of travel data, even in the event that the vehicle changes owners.

The Ministry of Transportation has formulated a comprehensive plan for the implementation of the digital tachograph on trucks and buses, which includes a document signing an agreement between Israel and the European Union, as required by European standards, and amendments to legislation for enforcement by digital means.

The regulations, which are based on the European standard, will contribute to streamlining and upgrading the supervision of professional drivers, licensing institutes and companies that own vehicle fleets. In addition, the Ministry has been set up to set requirements for colleges for the training of professional drivers, supervisory bodies and laboratories for the repair and calibration of tachograph instruments.

The standard is intended to create a uniform system of supervision, control and enforcement of professional drivers in heavy vehicles, through the implementation of the use of a digital tachograph. The inspection system is designed to ensure that drivers and employers adhere to the requirements of the law, with regard to working hours and rest. This step is especially essential, due to the many cases where drivers have had to work long hours without sufficient rest breaks, as required by law.

The safety reform is based on an innovative system of the Ministry of Transportation, which produces a code and issues smart cards for operating the digital tachograph, which replaces the existing analog tachograph. In addition, the system enables the adjustment of the calculation of travel and rest hours to Israeli law, and provides an answer to online reporting for laboratories for repairing and calibrating equipment.

The Ministry of Transportation has prepared a tender for the production of smart and encrypted cards, for use by drivers, service technicians, police officers and safety officers, and has formulated a plan for training employees to handle and maintain these cards and the digital tachograph.

The Minister of Transport noted that the digital tachograph is about to create among professional drivers a new culture of strictness and observance of working hours and rest as required by law, and will promote fair competition among carriers. “After years of the digital tachograph issue suffering from many warehouses, we have been able to overcome objections and promote the passage of regulations that will significantly improve road safety and help save lives on the roads. “Of heavy vehicles in road accidents, will improve the employment conditions of drivers, and increase the safety of all road users,” added Minister Regev.

According to Minister Regev, the digital tachograph will allow drivers, their employers and law enforcement agencies to view the transparency of travel data in full transparency, and will provide an effective and reliable tool for controlling and monitoring driving time allowed by law and the number of driving hours actually performed. The digital tachograph will enable effective enforcement of working hours and rest, as part of Minister Regev’s commitment to strengthening the status of drivers, improving their working conditions and safeguarding their rights – and on the other hand, maintaining alert drivers and safe roads.