Minister Israel Katz: “We will not rely on Mansour Abbas”

Israel Katz

Photo: Yossi Aloni / Flash90

According to the poll published last Friday in the program of Nissim Mash’al, the Likud is on a downward trend, despite the successful vaccination campaign and the gradual opening of the economy, and even with Bennett and Smutrich the right-wing bloc does not win 61 seats.

Finance Minister Israel Katz (Likud) addressed polls this morning (Sunday) in an interview with Radio 103FM, highlighting the plan to allocate large sums for the disabled public, and refuting the claims for an election economy. He later criticized the election signs of Tikva chairman Gideon Saar.

Minister Katz is not afraid of the results of the polls: “The Likud is a strong party. The Likud’s power base is maintained and as the election campaign progresses and the treatment of illness and the economy connects, the Likud will be strengthened and receive over 30 seats. “He updated on the new economic plan, explaining:” On Friday, the ombudsman finally approved the special grant to the disabled public. In addition, a grant for families and children up to the seventh decile, I think it is a large investment in infrastructure, it is about 15 billion shekels. These publics need help, businesses, the unemployed. We will bring the plan to the discussion, the ombudsman will experience his opinion. ” .

As for the possibility that the ombudsman will determine that it is an election economy and will not allow the plan, he said: “If the sole purpose is election propaganda should not be approved but if you bring something that is beneficial alongside the health moves it should be approved regardless of the election. I am a person who obeys the law, but I am not in a state of relinquishing the right to argue and persuade. In the government framework, I expect everyone to transcend political considerations and help those who so need help. “

New Hope has launched a new campaign, according to which the choice is between the Likud with Ben Gvir and Mansour Abbas, and a new hope with Lapid. The minister expressed his opinion on this: “A childish sign. Reminiscent of youth movements, not in this way will persuade the public to deposit the state keys. Prime Minister Netanyahu has been prime minister for many years, and even now he is not assisted by either Ben Gvir or Mansour Abbas.”

“Ben Gvir will not be in the government”

Despite this, Netanyahu makes sure to visit Arab localities, and even signed a surplus agreement with Ben Gvir. “The interest that no vote will be lost on the right side of the map – a proper technical action,” Katz said, adding: “Mansour Abbas is disqualified in our eyes from being part of the Likud coalition, like the entire joint list. Does not rely on any factor from the joint list. We cannot rely on a party that does not recognize the right to exist of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, which supports enemies and terrorist organizations. Netanyahu announced that Ben Gvir would not be in the government. Ben Gvir can be in the coalition but not in the government. “

He added that the choice is between a “right-wing camp led by Netanyahu, and a government based on the left and Arab parties combined. In fact, Gideon says he has no government without Lapid, who is at the head of the alternative bloc, who said he would go with the joint list. Without rotation and that is why we need support for the Likud. ” He said, “The election campaign is for a right-wing government headed by Netanyahu, without rotation and without a private agreement.” Finally, he refused to answer the question of whether he supports French law or immunity for the prime minister.