Mark Zuckerberg says Apple ‘s privacy changes could strengthen Facebook

  • Mark Zuckerberg said Apple’s upcoming privacy changes could put Facebook’s trading results in a “stronger position.”
  • The social media giant has been fighting Apple over the changes since August.
  • The change will allow developers to ask users to keep an eye on them for targeted advertising.
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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has hit a very different tone on Apple’s upcoming privacy changes – which will require the company to ask users for permission before giving their data to advertisers – saying they could leave in a “stronger position.”

After months of social media company fighting Apple over the changes, Zuckerberg told a debate on Clubhouse on Thursday, “I think the fact is that I am confident that we will be able to manage through the That situation. And we’ll be in a good position. I think it’s possible that we’ll be in a stronger position. “

Zuckerberg’s words come after a public fight between Facebook and Apple over upcoming changes that began last August when Facebook said the update could deregulate part of its advertising business.

The changes to iOS14 are expected to be released soon and will require app developers like Facebook to ask permission before viewing them through Apple’s Advertiser Signal (IDFA).

In January, Zuckerberg said that Apple had become one of the “biggest competitors” on Facebook and accused it of blocking competition under the protection of privacy.

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Speaking on Clubhouse, Zuckerberg said he now believed the changes could strengthen Facebook by encouraging sellers to go directly through Facebook’s trading results, as there was no targeted advertising on the website. such an effective platform.

“Apple’s changes encourage more businesses to trade on our platforms, making it harder for them to fundamentally use their data to find the messages that would like to use their products alongside outside our platforms, “he said.

“But what I was really focusing on is that a lot of those changes are going to make it harder for small businesses and developers. And I think the situation will be challenging them to sail. “

He said, “I just think that this is one of the reasons that Facebook has been a bit foggy on this, that there are certain principles that are important to us and empower individuals. as one of them. “

Facebook has consistently said that the changes will hurt small businesses, in December going so far as to remove full – page newspaper ads saying, “We’re standing up to Apple for small businesses everywhere. “