Manchester City: Comments and numbers from the 0: 3 over Tottenham

Manchester City continued their gallop towards the Premier League title yesterday (Saturday) with a 0: 3 victory over Tottenham, their 11th in a row in the league and the 16th in a row overall. A successful penalty by Rodry and a pair by Ilkay Gonduane, who also scored twice in the previous round against Liverpool, gave the Blues the three points that would keep them at least five points away from second place at the end of the 24th round.

The fiery fitness of the Citizens completely obliterated the fact that somewhere in November they were in the middle of the table after a 2-0 loss to the same Tottenham, who joined a string of disappointing results at the start of the season. The media in Manchester attributed the turnaround in Guardiola’s ability and described the change he made as an “exorcism” he made to players, including Joao Cansello who became a playmaker on the right wing and released Gondwana who was lethal on offense, John Stones who became “Rolls Royce” on defense “Five years” and Phil Foden developing into a superstar – that’s what the English say.

And the numbers speak for themselves: Gondwana has scored nine goals in his last nine appearances in the league and his balance stands at 11 in total, with only two Germans scoring more than him in one season in the Premier League – Eva Rossler (15) and Jürgen Klinsmann (20). Defensively, City have not lagged even a minute into their last 15 league games and if they maintain the streak for four more games, they will equal Arsenal’s historic record. Puden himself set a very respectable personal record, when he equaled Americ Laporte as a player who reached 50 Premier League victories in the smallest number of games – 59.

“I said many times that Gondwana can play as a striker, as a simulated ‘9 ‘, and people laughed,” he said. Guardiola. “I understood why, because he did not do it here. But he has the sense and timing to get to the goal and today he had the quality to conquer a double. He was selected as the outstanding player in January and if he continues in that capacity, he will win the award in February as well.”

City hot since “Exorcism” | Tottenham Hotspur FC via Getty Images

In the absence of the injured De Bruyne, Gondwane accepted the responsibility to kick penalties but after missing from the penalty spot against Liverpool, the German gave up a penalty kick yesterday and the one who took the initiative was Rhodry, surprisingly. The back midfielder explained the act: “I was a little angry because we missed a lot of penalties in the last few weeks, and you have to score penalties to win big games. I told my friends that in the next penalty I will catch the ball, no one will take it out of me and I will take the kick. , said Rodry.

At the same time, Tottenham goalkeeper Hugo Loris almost managed to fend off the penalty so when Guardiola was asked if Rodri is the regular kicker from now on, the manager replied emphatically: “No. I would say I admire the courage to take the kick but it was not a good penalty. “I’m not kidding. I’m worried about that. We’ll have an expert who will kick in a quality way. We need to practice.” Gunduan Raised his own candidate – Ederson, who provided the German with cooking from the films on the third gate: “You saw his cooking at 55-65 meters. Then he will conquer from 11 meters.”

Rodry will not kick penalties regularly | Tim Keeton – Pool / Getty Images