Manage and complete all tasks with this Kanban board tool

TLDR: With Kanban-inspired visual boards, the Imdone Task Management app organizes your workflow exactly the way you want it.

The old saying is true. A picture is really worth a thousand words – and that axiom applies almost everywhere.

The average person usually remembers about 10 percent of what they hear when asked about three days later. But when that same information is visually displayed, they are retained spikes up to 65 percent.

That is the philosophy behind the Kanban table. As an integral part of the Agile project management system, Kanban boards provide a visual definition of a workflow, allowing users to better understand how each step in a process works with other pieces. Using this format, it is easier to detect problems and find greater efficiency.

Workflow streamlining is the goal for the users Imdone Action Management App. Currently, access to life is available at $ 10 off regular price, just $ 14.99 from TNW Deals.

Imdone is a platform especially suited for those working with markdown, code or other large projects. It is a hyper-organized to-do system that allows users to view, navigate, and complete any configuration or change in a project in a simple visually-based system that ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

As soon as you set up a new project, Imdone automatically scans your project directory for marks and comments made by you or other team members, and then places them on your desktop.

At the same time, Imdone also monitors your project in real time, listening for file changes in your project as it runs and updating your board accordingly. You can click and drag new cards directly onto your board, make changes, then move that card to a finished list, or even a list of future solutions.

If you want to speed up your work or hire others to work on the project, you can set dates and time for each card. Imdone works with popular text editors such as Atom, VS Code, System Editor, or Custom Command and includes loads of customization options to set up your workflow just the way you want it .

For a regular $ 25 fee, you can now get a lifetime subscription to the Imdone Task Management App services for $ 10 off, just $ 14.99 for the duration of this offer.

Prices are subject to change.

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