Lusha raised $ 40 million to create a data-sharing community

Lusha (Lusha), An Israeli start-up company that develops software products that make data accessible to improve marketing and sales processes in companies, last week announced a first round of raising $ 40 million, led by the American Investment Fund. PSG. The investment will enable the company to accelerate the development of its technologies and support its global growth. The company will expand its database and accelerate research and development, in order to make accurate information accessible to improve the marketing and sales processes in companies B2B.

The company has developed a cloud-based platform that enables marketers and salespeople around the world to share business information and provide salespeople with insights about their target customers. In addition, the platform knows how to recommend to sales people potential customers and organizations that are relevant to them, and streamlines the business information gathering process. The users of the platform regularly verify the company’s data, in order to keep them accurate and up-to-date over time.

“Our vision is to turn the challenges faced by salespeople into business opportunities, by making data accessible to professionals and executives in companies and organizations,” says Yoni Tzruya, CEO and co-founder of Blosha. Their time in market research and data collection and very little for actual sales time. Our approach seeks to change this situation by making it accessible to salespeople for the information they need to reach the right person and take the time to sell themselves. ‘