Liverpool are on the verge of rediscovering the threat with a threefold injury rise

A storm has come down on Anfield in recent months, with Jurgen Klopp managing an unprecedented crisis in a defensive heart.

Not only are his center’s fans injured, but they are the end-of-season problems that have led the Reds to use midfielders instead, with those stand-ups as well. ‘come across late issues.

However, there is light at the end of the tunnel, with Naby Keita, Fabinho and Diogo Jota all returning soon as the business end of the campaign approaches.

The trio are able to offer a much-needed boost to a group that has been tired, weird and something out of Christmas ideas, and give Klopp valuable options for mixing things up.

Of the 18 Premier League games in which Fabinho has appeared this season, only four have been involved in playing in the top role as a midfielder.

Before Ozan Kabak made his debut against Leicester, Brazil were injured and Ben Davies – who came from Preston in January – has yet to appear for the Reds.

Fabinho could re-enter the position technically as a midfielder again now that Klopp has the option to use Kabak and Davies behind him, or perhaps Kabak and Nat Phillips, who are have been very reliable when asked.

As for Keita, the Guinean midfielder should definitely pay attention to the stability that has emerged, with Pep Ljinders once describing what he is doing on the pitch by saying: “It adds instability to our construction.”

Keita is more likely to carry and dribble with the ball than any other team member, and has natural offensive qualities that will help Liverpool ‘s cause in the third final as they try to open up defenses.

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Jota’s presence, however, is that fans tend to add the most value.

Portugal have been out since the end of the Champions League group stages and without it, the Reds would not have been the same.

In addition to Crystal Palace ‘s impressive 7-0 lead, Liverpool failed to catch fire with both Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino especially their performance.

Based largely on their Premier League bullet spots this season, Firmino should have scored around 3.8 goals more than he really has, while Mane has performed with 3.5 goals.

That puts the Liverpool duo behind just Kevin De Bruyne this season for players who have made the case more ahead of goal, with Belgium having scored 5.3 goals less than expected for Manchester City.

Mane and Firmino both meet expectations in terms of performance when it comes to turning pictures into goals.
Mane and Firmino both meet expectations in terms of performance when it comes to turning pictures into goals.

Before being injured, Jota proved to be a difference-maker, and he actually performed better than expected in the league, meaning he found the net more times than the average player would have. to give the same pictures.

In addition to providing a much-needed clinical margin, the Portuguese provide some much-needed flexibility in attack, with Klopp able to change things around by using 4-4-2 or 4-2-3-1.

Overall, in addition to the inevitable psychological uplift the team will receive from the reinforcements, they should also return allowing the English heroes to make a difference and regain some of the explosives that are has been so good for them in the past.

Liverpool will remain an injured animal until the center of the defense is repaired, but at least moving forward, the Reds should also be a dangerous threat to themselves.