Joao Virginia will play a key role in Everton – Michael Ball ‘s summer transfer plan

I was thrilled with Joao Virginia against Manchester City at the weekend.

It made savings look easy. There was no flapping, everything was fine bread-and-butter, and when needed it made an amazing save. I was very happy.

His kick was good, left and right kicks, and that was what you wanted from your keeper: to make everything look as simple as possible.

Against a high-profile side it was really, really good. It was a confident achievement and made the club think about it in the summer.

They obviously want someone to push Jordan Pickford for his place and Joao could be promoted to number two and allow the scouting division to kick and land players in other areas if he is. ‘shows that he can be at that level consistently.

We’ve only seen one full game play but Carlo sees it every day at Finch Farm. He lacks knowledge, yes, but a decision has to be made about him and Robin Olsen in the end.

My opinion is that Carlo wants immediate success and with that, he wants quality experienced football players.

So if he can save significant money on buying a new back guard with Joao, that is definitely the way he wants to go.

Carlo trusted Joao against Manchester City and showed everyone that he is capable.

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Summer Movement Plans

We’re going to need numbers in the summer, but we also need quality.

We have done it before where we have qualified for Europe and then embarrassed ourselves due to lack of quality in the squad.

We need to learn from past experiences if we are to fit.

If we do, I think it will attract the right players, who want to get us into the Champions League. It is a step by step process.

We’re lucky to have James at Everton because of his friendship with Carlo Ancelotti, and you’d hope that would leave other outsiders looking thinking, ‘I want to learn from Ancelotti, I for him to develop me as a player ‘.

We can offer a club where they will be key players and play alongside James Rodriguez. We are looking for the next image to pronounce their name from the terraces.