It will take a photographer 12 years to publish a picture of the Sweet Trail

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The following image is probably the last desktop background. This is no less. Finnish astronaut JP Metsavaini spent 12 years showcasing our stunning image Galaxy. Image of 1.7 gigapixels It has a cumulative exposure time of 1250 hours.

It is reported that Metswainio began filming the project in 2009. For the next 12 years, he focused on several areas and materials in the Milky Way, featuring mosaics as individual works of art. . To complete the overall high-performance view of the Milky Way, one decided to fill in gaps that were beyond his reach. Artwork Original sources.

As he told on the net Petapixel:

I believe this is the first film that showed The Sweet Path in all three color channels (Ha, S-II and O-III) at this resolution and depth.

The The astronaut estimates that the image is 100,000 pixels wide and contains 234 individual stitching panels, and that the image extends 125 degrees across the sky from Taurus to Cygnus and shows 20 million visible star. Here To view the image in full resolution):

My tender workflow is fairly consistent, so very little switching between mosaic frames is required. The total exposure time is over 1250 hours. Some frames have more exposure time than others.

As explained On his blog, Astro Anarchy, This mosaic took about twelve years to complete. the reason?

Naturally for a long time the reason was the size of the mosaic and the depth of the image. Another reason is that I took pictures of most of the mosaic frames as individual works and posted them as free works of art. This results in a kind of complex image set that is partially intertwined between the frames and the many non-image areas around it. I took pictures of data that had been missing from time to time over the years, and I was able to post a lot of mosaic photos since I did it last year.

He also points out that combining images with small changes between frames to match color balance and light curves is something that goes overboard in Photoshop.

In total, it has about 20 million stars, and a full-size color image It measures 7,000 to 1,300 pixels. Amazing view of our home galaxy, which we can’t help and miss.

If you like his work you can get more into it Website It’s a page Facebook.[[[[Petapixel, Astro anarchy]