Israeli elections: Campaign groups, uniting parties behind vision for state

More than 20 motions of protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and five opposition parties have signed a document over the past few weeks promising to put forward a series of key principles after the March 23 election .

The Hebrew document is called Hozeh Hamedina, which translates to vision, vision and a treaty for the state.

“We came to the leaders of all the groups and asked them what would make you stop showing up?” Commented for the effort. “The responses resulted in a document with three main articles: Strengthening democracy, living with dignity and tackling the coronavirus.”

The document is available in five languages ​​and has been distributed on social media. So far, it has been signed by representatives of Yisrael Beytenu, Yesh Atid, Meretz, Labor and the New Economy Party and has been rejected by Yamina. The leaders of New Hope and the Joint List are under pressure from campaigners loyal to them to sign it.

“Citizens of the state of Israel will support political parties whose platforms are based on the values ​​of freedom, justice, peace, and equality, in the spirit of the Declaration of Independence,” the document states.

To earn public trust, the signatories are calling for legislation limiting the prime minister and local authority leaders to two terms in office and citing a submarine inspection commission.

They propose a committee to strengthen Israeli democracy and consider a civil constitution, separation of powers, transparency, limitation on the number of government ministers and a ban on anyone working in public office.

To ensure a life of respect for all Israelis, the document seeks to legislate an index for what it takes to live with dignity, such as defining how much money is needed for citizen to live with dignity according to the parameters of OECD nations, and define the state budget accordingly. The signatories also call for the development of a committee to strengthen welfare policy in Israel, increase social mobility, and reduce the cost of living.

They call on criminal authority to eradicate violence within the family, against women, and in Arab society, as well as to stop police brutality. They urged the establishment of a binding government policy to conserve and protect the environment and natural resources for present and future generations.

To address the Covid-19 pandemic, the signatories are calling for a national program to repair its damage, including closing economic gaps, preparing for the self-employed, and provide rehabilitation and compensation. They demand full transparency and build a sense of secrecy about government and cabinet talks on the pandemic and the economy.

“We, the women and men of the 2020 protest movement who are above a neutral vision for a society based on human values, will encourage the public to support political parties that embrace these principles. into their platforms and activities and which will put the citizens of Israel back at the heart of their priorities as they strive for gender and regional equality, ethical conduct, respectful communication, and an end to encouragement and apportionment, “the document states.