‘Israel has attacked Iranian ships several times in recent years’

Israel has carried out dozens of attacks against Iranian ships across the Middle East, a report into Maariv application on Friday.
According to the story by former military writer Tal Lev-Ram, a recent story in the Street wall magazine about a dozen Israeli attacks against Iranian ships ferrying oil to Syria were only “partial” and that Israeli naval action against Iran was “deeper and deeper” than previously reported.
To the report in the WSJ Last week, Israeli action against Iran’s attempts to engage in Syria is believed to have been carried out directly by the Israeli Air Force along with some specific covert operations. The IAF conducts routine flights against Iranian targets across the country. Earlier this week, such an attack was reported against militants near Damascus.Maariv Named sources have indicated that Israeli attacks against Iranian ships have resulted in a loss of about $ 1 billion to Hezbollah over the past three years. Hezbollah receives about $ 900 million annually from Iran to help fund its activities and acquire weapons.
The work of the Navy is so great that they have a right to be carried out without leaving behind any sign that Israel was involved. Iran is presumed to know who is behind the attacks against ships that have been damaged in explosions or are the victims of other secret misconduct.
However, the Iranians are believed to be bound with their hands. If they blame Israel for the attacks they will prove that they are running illegal oil deliveries in violation of international sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic. due to the continuous development of nuclear capability.

According to the Maariv report, the attacks at sea are aimed at blocking the movement of smart weapons from Iran to Syria and Hezbollah, in particular components that could help the Lebanese-based terrorist group go ahead with their plan to turn its arsenal of tens of thousands of rockets into weapon-guided precision. Israel also wants to try to prevent Hezbollah from getting advanced missiles against Iranian ships such as the Yakhont that they successfully used to hit the INS Hanit during the Second Lebanese War in 2006.
The second goal, the paper said, was to wage an “economic war” against Iran and halt the transfer of oil to Syria which is then traded for money used to fund Hezbollah’s hostile activities. , aimed at Israel.