Intelligence: Morbidity is still high – these are the red and orange neighborhoods in the city

Although most of the city’s residents have been vaccinated – the morbidity figures are still high. The red neighborhoods in Modi’in are: the birds, the landscapes and the prophets; The orange neighborhoods – the vineyards and the streams

Posted on: 2/14/21 7:49 AM

Morbidity in intelligence is still relatively high, so schools in the city are not yet allowed to open. The municipality notes that this week the traffic light model set by the government, which was determined in accordance with the city’s score on Tuesday, 9.2 and on that day the score was 6.8. Therefore, in the coming week there will be no classes within the schools and kindergartens in the city.

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At the same time, at the beginning of the week (and later, depending on the weather conditions) there will be capsule meetings of the students with the educators in the open areas of the schools, according to the outline set by the government.

According to morbidity data provided over the weekend there are 344 verified patients in the city, during one day 17 new verified patients were added.

At the same time, intelligence seems to be leading the way in the number of vaccinated – so far 53,506 residents of the city have given a shoulder and started the immunization process against the virus; 34,102 residents of the city have received the second vaccine against the virus and will soon complete the process.

The red neighborhoods in the city are: the birds, the landscapes and the prophets.
Orange neighborhoods: the vineyards and streams.
Yellow neighborhoods: Flowers, Beacon, Tribes, Defenders, Gems, Moriah and Reut.
And the green neighborhoods are: Maccabim and the city center.

The municipality notes that a student from the Mor school was found positive for the virus. Students and staff members went into isolation.

“An analysis of the epidemiological investigations,” the municipality emphasizes, “which is carried out in front of residents who have been diagnosed positive for the virus, shows that most of the infection is within the family. On the guidelines of the Ministry of Health at home and abroad: Do not leave the room and do not leave the house if you feel unwell and do not meet with other people. Only in this way can we prevent the spread of the virus. “And with the assistance of the police to conduct surprise inspections of the isolated and verified residents required to stay in solitary confinement.”

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