How to use Google Password Checker on Android

  • To use Google Password Checker on Android, make sure you are using Google as your password autofill service.
  • Most Android phones can help ensure the security of your passwords by using Password Checkup.
  • If Google finds a compromise password, it alerts you.
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How secure are your passwords? You probably know that you should create strong passwords and not reuse them across different websites and services. If you store passwords in Chrome on your desktop, you may be aware that your browser has a password checking tool. Google has now added the Checkword Password tool to Android as well.

What you know about Google Password Analysis for Android devices

Google Password Check is built into your Android phone while you’re running Android 9 or higher, and is built into Google’s Autofill settings, which means if you are using a different service to autofill passwords (such as Dashlane or Bitwarden) it will not work.

The Password Checkword is designed to keep you safe by comparing your stored passwords against an online database of known data breaches and open passwords. Once you enter or save a password, it will test your entry and if matches are found, your phone will show you a warning and advise you the password change. You can also manually revise your stored passwords and perform a password check as well.

For the safety and security of your passwords, they will never be taken to the cloud without encryption. Instead, Google only uploads encrypted versions of your passwords to compare your passwords to its online security database, and verifies the authenticity of the credentials. your risk occurs locally on your phone, not in the cloud.