How to add Grammarly to Word and edit docs in 2 ways

  • You can add Grammarly to Word by downloading the Microsoft Office plugin or through Microsoft AppSource.
  • You can also install the Grammarly desktop app on your Mac or PC and drag and drop your Word document into the app.
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Grammar has become a popular digital writing tool for deleting and protecting against everything from bad writing in rush emails to poor structure in your dissertation.

Launched in 2009, its dynamic algorithms cover a wide range of context-based text editing issues such as basic spelling and grammar errors, but also word usage, sentence style, vocabulary, and punctuation. Users can also upgrade to paid membership levels for individuals or businesses, and get support with more complex issues such as fluency, tone, clarity, plagiarism and more.

If you are looking for something that goes deeper than Microsoft Word ‘s spelling and grammar tool, this freemium subscription is for you.

How to use Grammar with Microsoft Word

Grammarly offers a number of ways to use its services, from a browser-based website and extension to desktop and mobile keyboard apps.

You can edit your Word doc with Grammarly directly in the Microsoft program or drag and drop your Word doc into the Grammarly desktop app for quick editing assistance.

The Grammarly desktop app for PC is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, and 10. For Mac, the device should be upgraded to macOS 10.9 or higher.

Because Microsoft Word is a standalone system, you must have a subscription to Microsoft Office to purchase or download an extension on Word. To successfully add “Add-in”, you must have Microsoft Office 2007, ’10, ’13, ’16, or ’19 for compatible operation on Windows. On a Mac, it is strongly recommended that Microsoft Office be version 16 or higher.

If you want to use grammar in conjunction with a Word spell checker and grammar checker, here’s how you can do it.

Another way to install Grammarly for Word

There are two ways you can add Grammarly to your Microsoft Office Word software. You can also visit Microsoft AppSource and search for Grammarly. As soon as the app appears in the search results, click “Get It Now.”

Grammar 14

You can also use Microsoft AppSource to add the Grammarly plugin to Word.

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When a pop-up window appears, click Continue to hit “Open in Word” to launch the add-on. To verify that it is added to Word, open a new Word document and look for the Open Grammarly option in the Home tab.