Hillary Clinton to release newsreel after US political turmoil Books

Hillary Clinton works with award-winning thrush author Louise Penny to write an “international political thrush” in which a secretary of state joins a presidential administration set up after four years in office. An American who moved from the world stage ”.

Axios announced Tuesday morning that Clinton and Penny, who are friends, had signed a contract with Simon & Schuster and St Martin’s Press to publish State of Terror in October. He sees a female “new secretary of state” working for the former president. Terrorist attacks then “throw the global order into disarray, and it is incumbent on the secretary to put together a team to solve the deadly conspiracy,” Axios said.

In a statement, Clinton described Penny’s writing as a “dream come true”.

“I’ve enjoyed every book and character as well as her friendship. Now we join our experiences to explore the complex world of diplomacy and high treason. Not everything is as it seems at first, ”she said.

Clinton is not the first thrush writer in her family: her husband, former president Bill Clinton, has written two trillions by powerhouse novelist James Patterson, one after a former president. pushed away from the grid when he finds a spy in his cabinet, and one about a former president whose daughter has been kidnapped.

Penny is a Canadian novelist best known for her Quebec-based novels about principal investigator Armand Gamache. She has been friends with Hillary Clinton since 2016; at an event last autumn for the Politics and Prose bookshop, Clinton said she fell in love with Penny Still Life’s debut program “because I fell in love with the characters. And that continued, and since she made a book year after year, I felt like I was living with all those characters. ”

Penny said she will never forget that Clinton sent her a letter of condolence following the death of her husband in September 2016, while she was also involved in the “political battle of the century”. “It was an act of resentment, of generosity, of kindness that I will never forget,” Penny said. “And that encourages me every day to try to be as kind as everyone else to me. “

Clinton signed a $ 14m reported book deal with Simon & Schuster for her Hard Choices memoir in 2014. She published another memoir, What Happened, with the publisher in 2017; the book sold 300,000 copies in the U.S. in a week.