Hebrew News – “The Queen Is Not Respected”: Prince William first responds to Prince Harry and Megan’s interview

“Do Not Respect the Queen”: Prince William first responds to Prince Harry and Megan’s interview

According to reports from the royal family, Prince William is furious and surprised by the choice of Prince Harry and Megan to interview Oprah Winfrey and reveal personal details about the royal family and claims: ‘The choice of Harry and Megan does not honor the kingdom and certainly not Queen Elizabeth. Their conduct is outrageous and annoying. ”

It seems that Prince Harry and Megan’s decision to be interviewed by Oprah Winfrey only exacerbates the complexity and tension between the brothers Prince William and Prince Harry. Sources from the kingdom reveal that Prince Harry is shocked and disappointed by the royal couple’s move to give such a revealing interview. ‘There is no doubt that the relationship between the brothers has reached a dead end. They had not been in conflict like that for years, ‘says an acquaintance of the royal family.

A source close to him reveals that Prince William is shocked that while Harry’s grandfather, Prince Philip (99) is hospitalized, Harry and Megan decided to secretly film an interview with Oprah Winfrey in Los Angeles. According to reports, following Prince Harry’s retirement from the royal family, Prince William feels that the pressure and responsibility on his shoulders has become heavier.

The entire royal family seems to be in the market and believes that Harry and Megan’s decision is simply something that should not be done, even in light of the fact that the two have retired from the royal family and lead an independent life, so to speak. A key member of the royal family concluded by saying, “Being in the royal family means dedicating your life to the public, not yourself.”