Happiness: Non-vaccinated individuals will be transferred to local authorities

Knitted News14.02.21 19:03 B. Bader Tishpa

(Photo: Yossi Aloni / Flash 90)

The discussion in the Corona Cabinet held today (Sunday) ended without decisions regarding the continuation of the plan to withdraw from the quarantine and outline the green mark, and another discussion on the issue will take place tomorrow. However, the Cabinet did approve a new outline that would harness local authorities to assist in the vaccination campaign.

The Ministry of Health and Justice was instructed to submit to the Ministerial Committee for Legislation a proposal for legislative amendments, which will allow the Ministry of the Interior and local authorities to provide details of those who have not been vaccinated – in order to allow local authorities to assist in their vaccination efforts. The Ministry of Health will present a detailed opinion on the matter.

The proposal will also address the control processes that will be taken to prevent other use of this information or its reaching those who are not authorized to receive it. Subject to the approval of the Ministerial Committee for Legislation, the proposal will be submitted for approval by the Knesset.

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In this context and subject to the approval of the legislation, the Minister of the Interior will be authorized to operate the local authorities in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the HMOs, to assist in efforts to vaccinate the target population. The Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of the Interior will summarize the budgetary aspects related to the operation of local authorities for this purpose.

At the same time, the Cabinet approved the outline of the Minister of Transportation for flights to and from Israel during the period of closing the sky – which will expand the activities of Ben Gurion Airport. According to the decision, up to 2,000 people a day will be allowed to enter Israel via the airport, and the Ministry of Transportation will approve the possibility of combining foreign flights, depending on the destination countries.

It was also decided that the Ministry of Health will prepare to respond to inquiries to the Exceptions Committee in the above scope, while the Ministry of Defense will prepare for isolation in hotels of the predicted scope. The outlines have been approved in principle, and regulations will be approved upon completion.

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