Haim Ramon: “Netanyahu will make agreement with Mansour Abbas”

Haim Ramon

Photo: Uri Lenz, Flash 90

This coming Tuesday, Israeli citizens will go to the polls closest to their homes, and will exercise their democratic right to vote in the 24th Knesset elections.

Former Justice Minister Haim Ramon sought to decipher the results of the upcoming elections in light of recent polls, saying there is no possibility that Gideon Saar and Yair Lapid will be prime ministers. For him, it got off the ground.

He went on to comment on Mansour Abbas’ status vis-Ă -vis Smutrich and Ben Gvir, and also: What is Netanyahu’s chance of becoming prime minister for another term?

The “Israel Today” survey in collaboration with i24NEWS, conducted through a “database of minds” led by Prof. Yitzhak Katz, took place in a particularly large format with 2,087 respondents and with an unusually small statistical error of only 2.1%.

The poll shows that if the election had taken place today, the Likud led by Benjamin Netanyahu would have received 29 seats, followed by Yad Lapid led by 18 seats. According to the poll, both the right led by Bennett and New Hope led by Saar receive ten seats each.

Torah Judaism receives seven seats, while Shas receives nine seats. The joint list rises to ten, and Lieberman also rises – and receives eight seats.

And what happens in the underground battles? The Labor Party is stable above the blocking percentage with five and now Meretz, probably thanks to the Gewald campaign, is rising to five seats. At the same time, religious Zionism, led by Bezalel Smutrich, is not close to the danger line and receives five seats.

The one that is currently in dangerous proximity to the red line is Blue and White led by Bnei Gantz. The RAAM party, led by Mansour Abbas, does not pass the blocking percentage (1.7%). So does Yaron Zelicha’s new economic party (1.1%).