Google Pixel’s brand loyalty report sees more looking change

As it enters its full sixth year on the market, Google Pixel seems to have some work to do in retaining its loyal customers. According to a new report, brand loyalty for Google Pixel phones has dropped dramatically over the past two years.

Report from SellCell examines smartphone owners in the United States whether they plan to stick with or switch from their current smartphone brand. The report found that Apple’s iPhone is leading the pack here, with nearly 92% of iPhone users saying they plan to buy another iPhone when it comes time for an update, a number that in fact up from 2019.

More Samsung users, on the other hand, plan to switch to another device. 74% of those surveyed say they would buy another Samsung smartphone with their new update, with the majority looking to switch away from the Galaxy to either iPhones or Google Pixel smartphones .

Google Pixel brand loyalty suffered worse than Samsung, however. In 2019, 84% of Pixel owners said they would buy another Pixel next, but in 2021, that number dropped to just 65.2%. That means nearly 35% of Pixel owners are looking to switch to another smartphone brand. This survey only has about 400 Pixel owners, but that should be a reasonable baseline for how the community feels.

Honestly it’s not that hard to see why those numbers have dropped. The Google Pixel line has had some rocky points over the last two years, with the Pixel 4 having very poor battery stability and the Pixel 4a, 4a 5G, and Pixel 5 having a fuzzy line. The company’s 2020, we didn’t do that of course there are no major complaints about the quality of Google’s latest phones, but the lack of larger XL models and a stunning camera while still competitive is sure to make some practice looking elsewhere.

Hopefully Google’s 2021 lineup will help turn things around.

How do you feel about it? If you are a Pixel owner, are you planning to stick around, or switch to another brand? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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