Do you also constantly have apps crashing on Android? The problem, it turns out, is in the WebView component. A new update should resolve the issue


In the last day, Android users all over the world have encountered a problem that caused many apps not to open or crash immediately after opening. But thankfully, Google has fixed the issue and released an update, which should fix the annoying bug.

It all started with WebView

The problem, according to Google, is in the update to the WebView component, which is used to display content from the web on the Android device. This is also the reason why using for example the Gmail app on Android caused crashes, while it was no problem to access Gmail from the desktop computer.

Google’s solution or sample makers Samsung Until now, the problematic version has been lowered to the previous version, but now, as mentioned, it has released a new version, so it asks anyone who has problems to perform an urgent software update that is now available for download on Google Play. Just go to the store, search for Android System WebView, and update the version and Chrome browser.

The bug reportedly suffered from devices from almost all manufacturers including Samsung, OnePlus, Wavy and Google Pixel.

Do you know what does not collapse?

Do you know what does not collapse?
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