Genshin Influence: How to make Xiao lantern crafts

Xiao Lanterns is a valuable addition to the Lantern Rite event taking place in Genshin Influence. This guide will show players how to do this.

Xiao Lanterns is crucial to getting to know all that Lantern Rite has to offer Genshin effect. This guide will show players how to craft. The Lantern Rite event is a time-lapse event in the game and probably one of the largest. Players must be at least Adventure Rank 23 and have completed both “Of the Land Amidst Monoliths” and “Alatus Chapter” quests. Once these are done, players will be able to participate in all the fun sports events and get everything good unraveled. One of the biggest bases is the ability to claim a special 4-star character from the event banner. This guide will show players how to craft Xiao Lanterns.

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Xiao Lanterns is needed to take part in the game’s Mechanicus Theater challenges. Completing these challenges will reward the player with Peace Talismans, the main currency of this event. As mentioned, the game will give the player a free 4-Star character, but only if they are able to collect 1000 Peace Talismans before the event is over. Challenges in Mechanicus Theater challenge are the more challenging the mission, the higher the reward. While entering these missions, players must provide Xiao Lantern as free entry. This guide will show players how to craft.

How to make Xiao lantern crafts in Genshin influence

Genshin Influence Lantern Ceremony

Xiao lanterns are broken down into 3 different parts. Fortunately, getting them all should not be too difficult, and for those who have played Genshin effect more times than they can count, they should already have the right resources in their inventory. Here is everything needed to craft it.

  • Shard Plaustrite: Retrieved from Ores, Geovishap Hatchlings, Stonehide Lawachurls, and Geovishaps.
  • Wick Materials: Obtained from enemies Hilichurl and Fatai Elites.
  • Fiber Lantern: Obtained from plants such as berries and mint.

As soon as the player has enough (they should try to grind for those, at least for this event) they can advance to the Alchemy Table. It will cost the player 50 Mora to craft this. It’s important to say, when you enter Xiao Lantern to take part in Mechanicus Theater challenges, no matter how good or bad the player performs, they won’t get it back. It’s important to make a lump to save yourself some time. These 1000 Peace Talismans shouldn’t take too long as the big challenges bring more rewards. Please take part in this event before it ends.

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