Gantz: If Hezbollah invades, all of Lebanon will suffer

Defense Minister Benny Gantz spoke about the ongoing threats posed by Hezbollah in South Lebanon on Tuesday visit to the 91st IDF Division located in northern Israel. “I completed a situation assessment in a region defending what is currently Israel’s most sensitive border,” Gantz said at the meeting at which several high-ranking government ministers received their appraisal from senior staff. IDF in the North Commander. Accompanying the meeting was Maj.-Gen’s Head of Strategy and Steering Group Third Circle. Tal Kelman, and Minister for Civil and Social Affairs in the Ministry of Defense, Michael Biton. Topics of discussion included the threats posed by Hezbollah and other Iranian agents who have established themselves on Israel’s borders with Lebanon and Syria. Regarding the impact of conflict with Hezbollah, Gantz said “If the threats of Nasrallah and Hezbollah become actions, the result will be painful for Hezbollah and its leaders. And unfortunately for the people of Lebanon, whom Nasrallah uses as human shields – who hide weapons and ammunition under their homes. “Last week, Gantz made similar remarks at a speech marking soldiers whose burial location is unknown. If Israel has to fight Hezbollah, “there will be a earthquake in Lebanon, and the terrorist group will be hit hard,” he said.

Gantz’s comments came when IDF intelligence assessed in its 2021 annual forecast that Hezbollah is banned and will not drag Israel into a war, but will try to start “battle days” in which the limited fighting.

According to this assessment, Hezbollah uses his idea of ​​“the equation,” by which he must avenge the murder of his members even if it takes months or years.

Udi Shaham contributed to this report.