For the cameras? Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were caught kissing

Working on the relationship. Jennifer Lopez and Alex RodriguezPhoto: Gettyimages

In the shadow of rumors of separation, infidelity and relationship crisis:
Jennifer Lopez And fiancée, the baseball player Alex Rodriguez, Were caught on camera by the paparazzi while spending time together in the Dominican Republic, where the actress is filming a new movie these days. To reinforce the sweeping denials the two sent to the media about a breakup – the couple even modeled a loving kiss on camera. Working on the connection or pretending for the cameras? Judge for yourself.

Recall that last weekend the gossip sites overseas announced that Lopez and Rodriguez had split up. Relatives of the couple confirmed the rumors of the breakup and in an interview with Page Six said that the two have distanced themselves from each other and “Alex is in Miami, preparing for the baseball season, and Jennifer is filming in the Dominican Republic”.

Rumors of the breakup came as no surprise, given that a few days after Rodriguez knelt down and proposed marriage to Lopez, rumors began to surface that he used to cheat on her.
Kansko contract, Former Yankees player, took advantage of social media to tell about the star’s alleged infidelity: “Jennifer does not know that Alex Rodriguez is cheating on her with my ex-wife, Jessica. “Poor girl, she has no idea who he is,” he tweeted.

Rumors have continued over the years, and intensified significantly last February, when Rodriguez returned to star in the headlines, this time after it was alleged that he had an affair with the reality star Madison to call, Which denied the rumors. “Alex contacted me and we corresponded, but other than that there was nothing. We did not meet and he never touched me. He never physically betrayed his fiancée with me.”

She deserves better!  (Photo: gettyimages)

She deserves better!Photo: gettyimages

A few hours after the reports of the breakup, the couple released a joint statement, in which they denied the breakup: “The reports are not true. We are trying to overcome a few things.” A source close to the two told People that although they had considered parting but had not yet done so: “They are still together. They are going through a difficult period, but did not separate.”

Although the two are trying to broadcast business as usual, Lopez’s associates are not in favor of continuing their relationship with Rodriguez. “Jennifer knows she can not trust Alex and does not want him to continue to embarrass her. The latest rumors of infidelity have been the last straw. Everyone knows she can find someone better – she does not deserve it,” an acquaintance told the Sun.

Lopez and Rodriguez started dating in 2017, shortly after the singer broke up with her ex-partner, the rapper Drake. Lopez has two children from her previous marriage toMark Anthony, The twins aqueduct andMax (13). Rodriguez has two daughters from his previous marriage toCynthia Scortis, Natasha (16) fgoddess (12).