Every deportation to thousands of Moscow Jews

In an extraordinary logistical arrangement, Seder kits are sent to tens of thousands of families / many of Russia’s shlita visiting the Central Distribution Center / “Kamcha Depsha” for every consumer

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In a special project initiated by the rabbi of Russia, Rabbi Berl Lazar Shlita, tens of thousands of kits are currently being distributed to hold Passover nights in the private homes of Jewish families in Russia. Reserved matzah, the signs for the bowl, food products, along with the Passover Haggadah and a detailed instruction booklet for the whole family.

The kits are distributed throughout Russia through hundreds of Chabad emissaries, who are in constant contact with the Jewish families in their city, while over the past year the personal connection has grown and intensified through a regular distribution of Holy Shabbat kits every Saturday evening.

In Moscow, the capital of Russia, the distribution is made through dozens of Chabad houses scattered in the various neighborhoods of the city.

Rabbi of Russia Shlita, arrived at the main distribution center that is currently taking place at the Jewish Gates of Grace “Gates of Justice”, and closely followed the lists and the exemplary order of the orderly distribution.

Simultaneously with this project, the Chief Rabbi was closely impressed by the distribution of “Ma’ut Hittin – Kamcha Depsha” to needy families, the elderly and the lonely in Moscow, a traditional distribution for about two decades, through the “Matan Baster” fund by the central branch “Keren Chaya Moshka”, and this year The project has grown especially for the welfare of the beneficiaries, who receive the products directly to their homes in a dignified and noble manner.