Emraan Hashmi tagged ‘Serial Kisser’: People don’t talk to me like that anymore

Le Anjuri Nayar Singh

Mumbai, March 23 (IANS): Actor Emraan Hashmi, who currently owns the movie Mumbai Saga is currently running at the box office, with several films coming out.

The actor currently has three very different films in his kitten. While committed to Chehre and Ezra, the actor has yet to confirm that he is playing the villain in Tiger 3. He says he seems to have got rid of the “Serial Kisser” tag. at last.

“I didn’t make those movies for a while. People don’t talk to me like that anymore. I never thought about how people think of me. It’s according to the movie, I didn’t never thinking about how people see me, “he told IANS.

The actor, however, says he never bothered to change people’s opinion.

“It’s up to people to think the way they want to think. I can’t hold people by the throat and make them look at me in a certain way. I just do my job as an actor and I don’t think of such an idea, “he says.

Meanwhile, Emraan says it is a relief that his film Mumbai Saga received a hit.

“There was a little bit of anxiety and happiness because it’s our baby that’s been ready for a while. We couldn’t release it last year. But better late than never,” he says.

He says movies like Mumbai Saga have to be released in theaters.

“This film was always meant for theater publishing. This film will be enjoyed to the fullest there,” he says.

However, he says when it comes to predicting the success of his films at the box office, he has no idea.

“You’ve fed this baby and you want to know if the world will accept him or not. But at the same time, you don’t know what Friday will bring,” he says.

Meanwhile, the actor says he is waiting for the release of his other films.

“I’m focusing on these films at the moment. I am preparing to release my upcoming films and then move on to the new projects, “he says.

Emraan Chehre’s next film is a psychological drama starring Amitabh Bachchan and Rhea Chakraboty. His upcoming film Ezra takes him back to the horror genre.