Employees of insurance company AIG went on strike this morning

AIG employees launched organizational sanctions this morning (Sunday) and do not provide service and telephone answering to customers in the company’s departments such as vehicles, claims, mortgages, innovations and more.

AIG is the only company in the insurance and finance industry where all work is done from home and its offices are completely closed continuously, since the outbreak of the epidemic in Israel in March 2020.

Last August, a labor dispute was declared in the company, demanding reimbursement of expenses for work from home, including electricity, Internet and cellular, and office equipment that was not fully supplied.

The workers’ committee notes that a special survey conducted among the company’s employees last month shows that an overwhelming majority of workers (over 70 percent) are interested in returning to work from offices combined with work from home, but management strongly refuses to discuss this possibility, despite the vaccination campaign.

Moreover, almost two-thirds of employees according to the survey believe that the pattern of working from home alone strikes a balance between maintaining work hours and managing personal and family life.

According to the committee’s chairman, Tomer Malul, “This is just the opening shot. We have reached an unbearable and unacceptable situation where company employees kneel under the financial and professional burden of working from home continuously for a year. Reimbursement of expenses for work in this way is not a luxury, but a must in light of the hundreds of shekels that the company’s employees spend every month. All we have received as of today is a ridiculous sum of 2.5 NIS gross per day.

Malul added, “Things are not just financial, but also professional and organizational. The time has come after almost a year of working from home for all its consequences, including mental ones to officially settle the issue for the benefit of all parties. We are sorry for the disruptions and harm to customers, But they, too, need to understand that we are struggling with a disconnected management that does not provide solutions to our adversity, so that we can continue to provide our professional and dedicated service. “