Elon Musk invites Vladimir Putin to join the Clubhouse app

The CEO of Tesla and Space X sent a message on Twitter to the Russian president inviting him to enter the platform, which will allow users to share conversations on a number of topics.

Tagging the official Kremlin president’s Twitter account, Mr Musk tweeted: “Would you like to join me for a chat on the Clubhouse? [sic]”

In a follow-up tweet, the richest man in the world wrote in Russian: “It would be an honor to speak to you. ”

Mr. Musk has been one of the top supporters of the new live podcasting app.

Last month, he held a conversation about Club Clubh about the recent Gamestop surprise with Robinhood CEO investment app Vladimir Tenev.

The popularity of the highly-hyped app, which has been slammed as a future competitor to established social media giants such as Instagram and Snapchat, is partly driven by Mr. Musk’s apparent commitment to it on Twitter.

It has attracted a series of notable users including Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zuckerberg.

But Clubhouse, which is restricted to iPhones owners, has also drawn criticism from those who oppose the invitation-only template, which means people can be prevented from listening to it. in.

Clubhouse, an invitation-only audio chat app launched less than a year ago, has caught the attention of big business people


Last week Mr Musk tweeted that he had agreed to hold a conversation with Kanye West. “It’s probably the most exciting product,” said the billion entrepreneur.

The clubhouse was downgraded more than 5 million times, according to App analyst firm Annie, and the San Francisco-based company was recently valued at $ 1bn – after valuing it at $ 100 million reached when it had only 1,500 users.

The Independent has contacted the Russian government for comments.