Dr. Shakshuka in a new campaign for a high-tech company

Dr. Shakshuka (Snapper Productions Photography)

The battle between the high-tech companies over the recruitment of celebrities continues, after Microsoft in recent weeks recruited Master Chef judges for the video, the Israeli elementor reacts with the recruitment of Bino Gavso, Dr. Shakshuka, for a new campaign.

In the campaign, Elementor highlights the benefits to programmers who will join it in being able to plan and design the leading platform for open source web creators and impact millions of programmers, companies and organizations around the world.

Ariel Clickstein, Chief Technology Officer, said: “We decided to give a humorous answer to the great Microsoft, which presents the benefits of working in a young and growing company that combines a variety of open source technologies with complex challenges in the worlds of Big Data, DevOps, Cloud, Architecture and Front-end. It’s huge to influence a product from the very first stage that eventually reaches millions of websites. “

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