Dr. Price: There is a threefold increase in the ultra-Orthodox

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The head of the public health services, Dr. Elrai Price, said this evening (Thursday), in a special briefing to journalists, that “there is a threefold increase in the rate of positive tests in ultra-Orthodox society and a two-and-a-half-fold increase in the number of people in critical condition.”

“We had hope that there is no widespread morbidity in ultra-Orthodox society, but we are seeing a dramatic increase, twice the national average,” Price said.

She explains that among the ultra-Orthodox society, complacency has already developed that the ultra-Orthodox society is supposedly in herd immunity, “but we are witnessing an aliyah that worries us greatly.”

According to the data she revealed, all the ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods in Jerusalem are already red and in Bnei Brak there is an increase of 150%. “Part of it stems from the feeling that people thought we had already gone through it, but I hope people will continue to follow the guidelines,” Price said, adding that “immigration in ultra-Orthodox society may come from less strictness, because we see an increase in older ages, which were previously reserved.”

She explained that “the Ministry of Health is trying to do everything possible not to close the education system, general and ultra-Orthodox, with the understanding that education is a supreme value. In tight restraint education will only close in red and orange cities, we suggest. Meetings will depend on general morbidity.”

She also referred to the issue of vaccines and said: “If the public does not come to get vaccinated en masse, we will see the immunization data from the trial and vaccines in the world.” She added that a monitoring committee for corona vaccines would be set up, and the data would be made public.

To the question of ‘Shabbat Square’, will the numbers jump significantly more in two weeks in the wake of Hanukkah? Price replied that “this is a great question. Our predictions in part have not come true, and it very much depends on how many people obey the guidelines. There have been many events that the ultra-Orthodox society has followed the guidelines, and many work according to the guidelines – and it will depend on that.”

To the question of whether they will be able to present at the meeting of the Ministerial Committee for Corona what the expectation of the vaccine, as required by Blue and White? Dr. Price replied that “there are expected to be vaccines. If there is to be a wonderful response from the public, hundreds of thousands need to be vaccinated to reach a national effect on morbidity data. If we are optimistic and there is excellent responsiveness and delivery properly, this effect will not be before March. We are in an epidemic that every two weeks the number of infections doubles, and the rate of acceleration is much greater than the vaccines. “

“We are looking at being 8,000 verified in a month, that means 900 critically ill patients a day. So Israel could be the world mortality record for Corona,” Price predicted blacks, “Of this epidemic. The virus runs faster than any vaccine.”