DR Congo discharges last known Ebola patients from North Kivu treatment centers

Ebola. VCG

The Democratic Republic of Congo released its last confirmed Ebola patients from the treatment centers Monday, health authorities said.

The country has started counting down 42 days to declare DR Congo free of the virus.

The discharge of six patients Monday from the treatment centers in the North Kivu region could mark the end of a month-long recovery of 2018-20 disease that killed more than 2,200 people before it was first announced in June 2020.

The World Health Organization confirmed that the last patient was discharged from a medical center in Katwa yesterday.

It is three weeks since North Kivu health authorities discovered a new case.

Twelve cases have been reported since the virus first appeared in early February, killing six people.

The Ebola outbreak is usually announced once 42 days have elapsed, after blood samples from the last case tests were tested negative for the second time.

Meanwhile, the Ebola outbreak in Guinea may have been triggered by a latent disease in the human population rather than by the virus leaping into the sex barrier, an official from the National Health Agency said. Universe Friday.

Ebola can be transmitted to humans from animals such as bats or monkeys. It can also live in parts of the body of those who have otherwise survived in good health such as the eyes, breasts and testicles and are sometimes still transmitted, for example through semen.