Does Huawei plan to compete with the PS5 with game tokens?

Huawei is working on a gaming console to adopt the likes of Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. According to a report by Huawei Center, a post seen on Weibo by a consultant revealed that Huawei is working on its own gaming facility and notebooks dedicated to games.

There is no expected date for the Huawei gaming tokens debate. However, the company will launch a set of gaming notebooks adding to their custom line. There’s no word on the specifications of the upcoming gaming console or notebooks but it will try to break the duopoly created by Sony and Microsoft with their game consoles over the years. Recently, Nintendo’s sales have skyrocketed, thanks to the Switch console.

Two years has been very difficult for the Chinese tech giant as their smartphones are unable to install the allowed version of Google Apps on their Android devices. Huawei Technologies also had to drop the Honor smartphone business earlier this year after the U.S. cut off its chip supply.

The company has not yet made any official announcements about the game console or the new notebooks. It remains to be seen what platform it will be based on, exclusive games that will be available on it, and how it will compete with the heavy gaming games.

At the same time, there has been a huge demand for the latest gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Sony PlayStation 5 stocks are running out as soon as they hit the market and the situation is expected to last at least until mid-2021.