Dana Frieder’s ripping tribute to Bat-Shai Oz

To this day, Bat-Shai Oz has found herself in all the dismissal missions since the program began, but in the last mission it changed: not only did she manage to get on the balcony, she also reached the first honors mission in the history of Master Chef, where she will compete this coming Saturday. 12), and you may get a pin of excellence that you can use before the task of dismissal and be saved from it. Will it succeed? We will wait and see.

But until that happens, Bat-Shai has a special surprise waiting for her this week, other than the one and only Dana Frieder. The actress uploaded a video to her Instagram, which she shot together with the actor Omar Etzion – in which the two perform a washing task, with the challenge being to make a fine cup of coffee. Frieder is responsible for the imitation (excellent, it should be noted) of Bat-Shai, while Etzion is responsible for the imitations of the three male judges – Haim Cohen, Eyal Shani and Israel Aharoni.

Frieder in the role of Bat-Shai, faces the difficulties of the task when from time to time one of the judges assists her and guides her along the way. “I’m not excited about rinsing missions, because like it just means they want to see more of me,” says Bat-Shai Frieder. And if this exact and ripping imitation is not enough, Etzion completely surprised us with excellent imitations of the judges, that if you close your eyes for a moment – it feels like the piece was taken straight from the show. But it did not end there, because for dessert – Etzion also gave us a taste of the contestant Assaf Day, and here we completely ran out of words.

Excited Bat-Shi liked Frieder, and the latter responded enthusiastically, “Bat-Shi liked us” by tagging her and Etzion. The subject of the imitation was quick to respond as well and wrote: “Obviously, you advocate for an electric girl as a way of life” and reminded us of forgetfulness from Festigal 2007. If all this conversation was not enough, Bat-Shai and Assaf filmed their own funny response that Frieder happily shared. So members of Great Country keep an eye out, because this is definitely one of the most successful videos we have seen lately.