China releases 1st film of space probe into Mars orbit

This handheld image, released by the China National Space Administration (CNSA) on February 5, 2021, shows an image of Mars captured by the Mars probe from China Tianwen-1. (Tro AFP)

The Chinese space agency released Friday (February 12) two videos showing the Tianwen-1 probe entering Mars orbit earlier in the week, saying the spacecraft was sending Lunar New Year greetings back from the red planet.

After a 6-1 / 2 month space flight, the Tianwen-1 dragged Wednesday (February 10) to a speed that could be captured by Mars gravity and became the second spacecraft to the planet. arrives this month, with the U.S. probe set to arrive and attempt to land next week.

Two clips lasting just under a minute have been released by China’s National Space Administration. The film, taken from cameras attached to the craft without a clip, shows it vibrate while the solar-powered thrushes are turned to slow it down, with the spherical view of Mars and even craters on the surface of the planet visible in the background as the probe injures.

“The solar panels, directional antenna, Martian atmosphere and surface terrain are clearly visible,” the CNSA said Friday, the first day of the Lunar New Year.

(Source: AFP)