Bill Gates’ daughter is mocking a microchip claim in a vaccine Instagram post

  • Jennifer Gates, a medical student, shared an Instagram post after receiving the vaccine Thursday.
  • In the role, she joked that her “father genius” was not inserted into her brain.
  • This is a conspiracy theory that reveals that Bill Gates is planning to track the places of people with microchips.
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Bill Gates’ eldest daughter joked on social media that her COVID-19 vaccine did not reveal that her “genius father” had inserted a microchip into her brain.

24-year-old medical student Jennifer Gates shared an Instagram post on Thursday to tell her followers that she received her first dose of the vaccine.

In the post, Gates seemed to be making fun of conspiracy theories that basically say her billions father is planning to use the vaccine to find people with microchips.

“Sadly my genius father vaccine didn’t enter my brain,” she wrote.

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In June, Bill Gates told reporters that it was “almost difficult to reject” the conspiracy theory about tracking microchips “because it’s so silly.”

A month later, Microsoft’s co-founder said: “None of these vaccines are linked to anything that tracks them at all. I don’t know where that came from.”

Despite the evidence that vaccines are just pieces of genetic material in salt, sugar and fat, the conspiracy theory is still being circulated by online anti-vaxxers.

Gates ‘daughter, however, used the Instagram post to remind her followers that the active ingredient in the photo is a small part of the virus’ genetic material called mRNA, not a tracking device.

“If only mRNA had that power,” she wrote.

Post shared by Jennifer Gates (@jenniferkgates)

She also shared with her 359,000 fans that she feels “beyond the privilege” of receiving her first dose.

Gates then thanked “doctors, scientists, public health experts, pharmacists and many more” for making the vaccine possible.

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