Aunt of Osnat Ben Sheetrit: “The family is completely shattered”

Osnat Ben Sheetrit

Photo: Instagram

Uri Saadon, aunt of the late Osnat Ben Sheetrit, the mother who died of corona disease and left four orphans, spoke this morning (Tuesday) with Golan Yokfaz and Anat Davidov on 103FM radio.

“A lot of people who were not vaccinated approached me and said, ‘I was one of the opponents of the vaccines, and I heard you and you broke me,'” Saadon testified.

On the financial assistance the family needs, he said: “The main thing is not the money but the message. The goal right now is to save another one.” He concluded with a shout: “Go get vaccinated and stop listening to these stupid retards.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday referred to the tragic death of Osnat Ben Sheetrit, a mother of four children from Givat Zeev who died from Corona at the age of 32. ” We saw the tragic case of Osnat Ben Sheetrit, a mother of four children who died from Corona. It’s just heartbreaking.

“I ask you, young people, adults – go get vaccinated. Take your green passport and go to hotels, then to restaurants, flights, come back to life and save lives,” Netanyahu said.

Osnat’s family has recently launched a mass mobilization campaign, to help the family click here