As the election date approaches, Gantz does not promise any compromise on the coalition deal.

Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz said on Friday he would not negotiate a coalition agreement reached earlier this year with Likud and that if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s party refused to abide by that deal, he willing to take his party to another round of elections.

“If Netanyahu, who repeatedly breaks the agreement between us, does not reach out – we will go to the polls and make sure that he is not the prime minister, and in the time we will continue to hold all major positions, “Gantz said in a Facebook Post published days before Tuesday’s midnight deadline to pass an annual budget to prevent the country from holding a fourth election in less than two years.

Budget failure is the only loophole in the circulation agreement that allowed Netanyahu to hand over the lead to Gantz in November 2021. So Likud has been keeping up the budget for months in an effort to further renegotiate a favorable consortium agreement that would see Netanyahu’s one-and-a-half-year term extended at the expense of Gantz’s time allotment as a principal. Likud is also trying to reduce the influence of Blue and White Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn.

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The remaining Nissenkorn would see him lead the government posts of the next state prosecutor and attorney general – two positions seen as crucial for Netanyahu, who has a criminal trial next -starts soon. Nissenkorn also opposes Netanyahu allies’ efforts to reform the justice system, appoint more conservative judges and limit the power of the courts more broadly.

While Blue and White has said that Likud should expect the agreement signed by the parties, Netanyahu’s side is seen to be taking advantage of a slow and almost complete decline of the accounts. -except since he decided in March last year to remove his main election pledge. and served in a government led by Netanyahu after he declared for months that the Likud leader could not be trusted.

Lawyers in Knesset Plenary on 9 December 2020. (Dani Shem Tov / Knesset Speaker)

“The situation is simple,” Ganz wrote in his Friday post. “I led Blue and White to form a united government with Netanyahu because of two pandemics: the coronavirus pandemic and the pandemic in our society.”

“We will only be in government if it works to destroy both – the economy [ramifications of the] coronavirus that cannot be fought without going beyond an expanded and stable state budget and active government, along with the efforts to weaken democracy and weaken the agreement between us and the Likud. No compromise will be reached, ”said Gantz.

In his response, Likud said in a statement to himself that “continuing government activity requires compromise on all sides so that we can continue to work to provide vaccinations and financial support to Israeli citizens as they see fit. we light the end of the tunnel. ”

“It would be a shame to drag the country to elections at this time, but if elections are forced on us, we will be ready, and we will win,” the party said.

It came back and forth a day after the parties denied reports that sudden progress had been made towards a compromise that prevented an election.

Channel 13 on Thursday reported on “dramatic” progress in negotiations between the parties with a source, apparently from Blue and White, telling the network that Gantz was slated to secure the circulation agreement that allows Gantz replacing Netanyahu as prime minister, as well as maintaining Nissenkorn as justice minister.

But Likud quickly denied the Channel 13 report, saying it was false news.

Although the network reported that Gantz had ensured that the circulation agreement was in principle, it did not specify whether Likud had agreed to abide by the original contract which said the Blue and White director would replacing Netanyahu in November 2021.

Justice Minister Avi Nissenkorn seen at the Knesset, 21 October 2020. (Yonatan Sindel / Flash90)

According to a second report, on Channel 12, the parties are in talks to push that date back to May or even August 2022, with Gantz then serving as a keynote for just six months to a year.

Meanwhile, Gantz appeared to be denying the report, telling other blue and white lawyers at the Hanukkah faction party on Thursday night that there was no compromise on the matter. board and that the country was indeed making another choice.

“Stay up now because we will start campaigning soon,” he said, according to Kan News.

The upcoming release of the Knesset is a direct result of the national budget blockade, which has long been maintained by Likud in what is widely believed to be an attempt to prevent on Gantz from succeeding Netanyahu as prime minister, as assigned by his power -sharing agreement.

Blue and White has called for a budget to be agreed for 2020 and 2021 together, as the coalition deal specifies, while Netanyahu has called for one that will only cover the rest of 2020, citing the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic. But a one-year budget move could allow Netanyahu to start new elections down the line without having to give Gantz the upper hand next year, as the agreement says.

At any rate, if you manage to reach any budget by December 23, it will encourage automatic elections.

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