Apple News: 120Hz iPhone rumors, fight with Facebook

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This week in Apple news, we heard some strong rumors related to the 2021 crop of high-end iPhones. Apparently, they could come with special OLED panels that would allow 120Hz refresh rates. If so, it would be a long time coming for an iPhone to go past the 60Hz signal.

In other Apple news, we’ve heard of an apparent update to Apple TV hardware, new AirPods, Facebook throwing some big shadow at Apple, and Google Stadia finally landing on iOS.

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Top Apple news last week:

  • IPhone 13 Pro models could finally see 120Hz update rates: according to An Elec, Apple is working on using OLED displays capable of 120Hz refresh rates. Theoretically, these displays would include at least the 2021 Pro models of flagship iPhones (possibly the iPhone 13). It’s still early days, but an iPhone with a higher update rate would be very long before that, so this is completely unbelievable.
  • The Apple TV update could finally end in 2021: Another long-awaited upgrade to Apple’s hardware line is the top-end Apple TV set-top box. With Apple TV Plus as the main focus now, it’s strange that Apple doesn’t have a new, high-end option for streaming. It’s also weird that Apple TV Stick or another model isn’t at the bottom end. according to Nikkei Asia Review, this could finally be rectified in 2021, as there seems to be at least one Apple TV hardware product in the pipeline.
  • Chromecast with Google TV gets Apple TV Plus: Speaking of Apple TV Plus, the app linked to that service will soon be available on the new Chromecast with Google TV. This is special because the app is not yet available on Android phones or tablets. It is also unique in that it makes the new Chromecast the most comprehensive climber available with access to almost every major service offered by the market.
  • New AirPods could be a tricky combination of vanilla and Pro: Rumors suggest (via An Elec) that Apple could have a third-gen pair of AirPods on the dock for H1 2021. Interestingly, these AirPods might look very similar to AirPods Pro but do not have the star feature of their Pro models , i.e. active noise suppression. The price is reported to be around $ 200.
  • Facebook takes off its glove and slaps Apple’s face: Earlier this week, social networking giant Facebook leaked full-page ads in several major newspapers. The ads call out Apple’s new limits on the delivery of personalized ads for the sake of user privacy. Facebook portrays this as a small counter – business, citing some figures that show that small business owners are largely surviving on personal advertising targeting.
  • Google Stadia is now accessible on iPhones / iPads via Safari: While Apple’s policies related to its App Store prohibit the official release of Google Stadia on iPhones and iPads, that doesn’t mean it can’t be used by people. A new web app connected to the service will work through the Safari web browser on both iOS and iPad OS devices. Now, Apple fans can stream major AAA game titles wherever they go.

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