All countries will become red, returnees from abroad will be required for isolation

The Ministry of Health announced tonight that starting tomorrow (Sunday), all countries will be considered “red” and those returning from abroad will have to go into 14-day isolation – or alternatively perform a first check on return and a second check nine days after landing, and if both tests are negative can leave From isolation 10 days later, it was reported that a minimum difference of 24 hours was required between the two tests.

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In relation to countries that have been green to date – such as the United Arab Emirates, the Seychelles and Rwanda – those who return from them by December 26 (next Saturday) are exempt from isolation. Israeli airlines and their representatives abroad were updated during before Shabbat.

In order to deal with the return of masses of Israelis to Israel, tomorrow’s discussion in the Corona Cabinet is expected to receive approval for an outline known as “Wings of Force”, which deals with the treatment of returnees. The outline has been under discussion for several days and it has also reached the Attorney General’s desk.

As part of the outline, the Home Front Command is preparing to deal with 3,000 returnees from red countries, currently helping to care for returnees from Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine and probably the United States as well. , And then be able to get out of isolation on the tenth day.

The move promoted by the Ministry of Health, to make all the countries of the world red, was revealed on Ynet as early as last week. Senior officials in the Ministry of Health, including the head of public health services, Dr. Sharon Elrai Price, promoted the move out of fear that infections could also come from countries that seem to meet the criteria of a green state, especially popular tourist sites now for Israelis. Israelis: The concern is that many of them congregate contrary to the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and may create additional chains of contagion upon their return to Israel.

The declaration of the UAE as a red state was thwarted last week, under pressure from the Foreign Ministry and fears it would cause a political crisis. Even now, officials in the health system estimate that the initiative may encounter difficulties from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and political parties, but also from elements within the ministry who oppose the initiative, such as Deputy CEO Prof. Itamar Grotto and International Department Director Dr. Asher Shalmon.

Passengers enter the router Passengers entering Ben Gurion Airport Credit: Yariv Manor