All characters can have a Level 4 MCU weapon (& confirmed)

Ironheart Wars and Disney + Weapons give Marvel plenty of opportunities to bring new armed heroes and villains into the MCU in Level 4.

Through it Iron heart and Armed wars, Marvel has ample opportunities to introduce new weapon characters to the MCU at Level 4. With the contents of both shows, it feels inevitable that Marvel will use them to bring in established heroes and prisoners from Marvel Comics. Some may be friendly to the main characters, but others may be the main enemies.

The iron Man The trilogy featured a small number of main characters from Tony Stark’s corner of the Marvel Universe. The Infinity Saga introduced audiences to Iron Monger, War Machine, and Rescue (superhero Pepper Potts alter ego), all of which wear variations of Iron Man weapons. Some of the main characters of Marvel Comics who were famous for wearing armor suits were never changed on the big screen and missed out on being part of Tony Stark’s story. That being said, there is still a place for them in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Marvel has confirmed that there are two Disney + shows, Iron heart and Armed wars, are being developed as part of the studio’s Phase 4 plans. Both shows are tied to the legacy of Iron Man, who gave his life to stop Thanos from entering Avengers: Endgame. Armed wars War Machine apparently deals with villains who steal Stark tech, and Iron heart she will be based on a new character who designs a strong weapon suit for herself. The events shown in these two shows could deliver all sorts of new characters and stories to the MCU. Here are all the armed heroes and villain that could join the MCU in Level 4.

Ironheart (Certified)

Riri Williams as Ironheart on comic cover.

The title character in Iron heart brought to life by Dominique Thorne. Riri Williams, a heroine created as far back as 2015, was only 15 when she used her sexual mind to build an Iron Man-like outfit. Calling herself the “Ironheart”, Riri Williams took over the Iron Man solo comic at a time when the character was in a coma, and began using her new suit to become a superhero. She was also a member of a team of teenage heroes called the Champions. The MCU may not use the Champions, but his catch on Riri Williams would certainly be a candidate for his Young Avengers team, which feels like something Marvel is picking up in Level 4.


In the late 1970s, Iron Man teamed up with Dreadknight, a villain who rode a horse with a mute and wore an armor suit designed to look like a medieval knight. Similar to the Nathan Garrett incarnation of the Black Knight in the 1960s, Dreadknight has a mechanical blade that fires a high-power explosion. It would definitely be a weird character if used in it Armed wars no Iron heart, but it ‘s important that Marvel does more than just create Iron Man clones in the shows. A weapons speaker that uses a sword or blade would be something special that Marvel could play with in the MCU.

Fire power

Jack Taggart (Ashley Hamilton) was a little character who died of the Extremis virus in Iron Man 3. In Marvel Comics, Taggart was the civil identity of Firepower, the last one had to take part in the Iron Man comedy episode “Armed Wars”. Firepower, one of many characters who ended up with Stark’s weapon design, had such a powerful suit that it could have been better than even Iron Man himself. Even though Taggart is dead in the MCU, Firepower could still act as an antagonist in the MCU variant of “Armor Wars” if they create a new character to deliver the suit.

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Stilt-Man strongly believes he can beat Daredevil

He was first introduced as Daredevil ‘s enemy, and Stilt-Man is often seen as one of Marvel’s “joke” criminals, for obvious reasons. The main feature of his weaponry is the expansive legs that have made him a character that fans – and other heroes – are making fun of. In “Armed Wars”, Stilt-Man in particular was one of several thugs who benefited from stealing Iron Man’s weapons designs. If Marvel can find a way to make it work in live action, he and his trademark weapon could appear in Level 4 as a mini-antagonist for War Machine or Ironheart to fight.

Fear Titanium

Titanium Man was a Soviet military officer who became Russia’s response to Iron Man during the Cold War. Proven to be no older than the American superhero, the Russian government sent Titanium Man to prove that their hero was superior in the 1960s. Although Titanium Man surpassed Iron Man in strength, he was still unable to win. The two characters have had a number of conflicts since their original fight, with Iron Man usually coming to the fore. It is possible that it could be used there Armed wars as a Russian operator who buys some Iron Man theft technology.

Dynamo Crimson

The comics feature ten different versions of Crimson Dynamo, with the common denominator being Russians wearing bulky, red armor. Several are enemies of Iron Man, but others are national heroes chosen to defend Russia. Whatever their reason, most are scientists or people associated with the government. The first flight of the villain, Anton Vanko, was merged with Whiplash and brought to the MCU by Mickey Rourke Iron Man 2. This may be Level 4 true Crimson Dynamo through one of the other healthy characters used in the comics.


Walter Newell is a scientist who created a winged weapon suit designed specifically for underwater combat. As a Stingray, Newell was a supporting character in the Namor the Sub-Mariner comic and a reserved member of the Avengers in the 1990s. At the “Armed Wars” incident, Stingray was falsely accused of stealing Tony Stark’s technology, which was then attacked by Iron Man. The loss of Stingray was a turning point in Armed Wars, as it caught the attention of characters like Nick Fury, who began to see Iron Man action as a dangerous thing. It would not be surprising if Stingray ‘s place in the comic is carried over to the MCU version as he is a target of War Machine. It could be used again as an Avenger or as a friend to the main heroes in other Disney + shows.

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Iron Lad

Iron Lad by Young Avengers

Not every new armed character at the MCU would need to enter Armed wars no Iron heart; one in particular could work into it Ant-Man and the speach: Quantumania (depending on what Marvel plans for it). With Kang the Conqueror and possibly the Young Avengers on the horizon, Iron Lad is a character with the ability to make a scene in the film. In Marvel Comics, Iron Lad is a teenage version of Kang who tries to lose his fate by becoming a superhero in the same way as Iron Man.

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