Algeria-Driven AU Communique Provides Flashback to Bygone Era

Rabat – Algeria on Wednesday used the AU to issue a commmunique with several reports of trouble regarding Western Sahara. The document will have no impact on AU’s future policy but once again highlights Algeria’s efforts to increase tensions with Morocco.

Algeria is facing an interconnected crisis on the home front, as evidenced by Hirak’s national prosecution campaign. With citizens rejecting government action, Algeria’s foreign policy activists have been trying to create a foreign enemy to oust abusive citizens.

On Wednesday, Algeria used the 984th meeting of the AU Peace and Security Council to issue a communique in Western Sahara while Morocco was present from talks.

Algeria’s Smail Chergui used his role as AU’s external commissioner for peace and security to unveil a communique that will push Algeria’s statement on Western Sahara conflict.

Surrounded in diplomatic language, the coalition stopped Algeria’s talking points on “exploiting” resources in Western Sahara.

Moreover, the document seemed to push for a bigger role for the AU by calling for “urgent steps to be taken to reopen the AU Office in Laayoune, Western Sahara, to allow the AU to reactivate its role in research. for a political solution to this long-running conflict. “

The Algerian communique AU is also promoting a notorious report of active “hot war” in the region. Communism described the “resumption of armed conflict between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Republic of Sahrawi, in violation of the ceasefire agreements.”

The document calls on the AU Troika to “immediately resume engagement with Morocco and the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic with a view to finding a lasting solution to the crisis.” Without offensive military action by Morocco, it remains called on all parties to “immediately stop enemies and engage in communication, creating a convenient environment for direct and candid conversations.”

The Algerian-backed Polisario news agency went into what he described as a “strong” association, publishing the document in its entirety.

The AU communique appears to have been taken just from the time before Morocco returned to the AU, when Algeria took control of the pan-African group’s statement on Western Sahara.

Moroccan representatives were in attendance at the March 9 meeting, an opportunity that Smail Chergui apparently did not want to miss. The circumstances in which the communique was implemented mean that there is unlikely to be any practical impact other than to provide another example of Algeria’s efforts to promote its Western neighbor.